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August 29, 2006

sweet neuroses

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I sit idly in my last class, seemingly listening to my professor but my mind is adrift. I look at the white board half expecting ballerinas coming out of it. I look at my professor but I see beyond her. I see the man of my dreams slowly walking towards me. He stares at me with longing eyes while talks about environmental science float around. Alas, my man envelops me with his arms and I smell musk and a field of pines.
We embraced and held each other for what seemed like eternity. Our heads eased and our hungry lips locked. He started to make love to me with my classmates as our witnesses. We made love with the sound of wines flowing. I was transported to a place where the sky is red and roses abloom everywhere. My professor’s voice was muffled by whimpers and moans of pleasure. I seduced and teased, my naked body played expertly with his. He groaned with so much passion, never breaking the stare with his intense black eyes. Our bodies danced rhythmically, sensation afloat like magical harps playing in the air.

** i wrote this blab in my environmental science class. i still can’t remember why i enlisted in the subject. on the other hand, you couldn’t possibly know enough about plate tectonics, glaciers and climate this age. truly fascinating.. jesus, i might as well slit my wrists to keep myself awake.


August 28, 2006

chinese bananas

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i was seating idly in the library, waiting for the snooty librarian to release my book when i decided to open the book left by this guy who was seating next to me. it turned out to be the Guinness Book of Records for 2002. i know, it’s weird that our library has this kind of book when it is supposedly an engineering library. well, i didn’t mind, especially when i came across this entry.

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Turns out, it was made by this Chinese jeweller (these people, they are unfuckingbelievable!) in Hong Kong out of 24-carat gold and precious jewels. it costs around $3.5 M to make and you have to shell out $200 to use it. Now, why would some person shell out that much money to poo?

These people and their fucking ideas, they make me look lame.. i wonder though if crapping feels the same. lemme look at my savings account. Hmm..

** i snatched this one fom my old blog. i shouldn’t even be surfing the net because of all my exams but all work and no play can make me a dull girl, right? (i’m such a sloth, i know!) besides, i find it hard to write lately, maybe because of all the numbers and equations that i look at these past few days. you wouldn’t wanna read a blog about statistical quality control, would you? so here, just bear with my recycled blogs. interesting days are coming my friend. just wait til i see my exam results, i’ll really start raving then.

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