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January 9, 2007

hard ball

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start of the year usually signals the start of intrams for our school. my college, made up of the beautiful and need i say smart people of the college of engineering, is currently in the process of forming a team for every event including women’s basketball. the thing is i wanna join except for one major setback– tryouts start at 6 in the morning. six-freaking-the-sun-hasn’t-come-out-yet-morning. now, i’m all for college spirit but what kind of person in her right frame of mind would wake up at 6am just to play basketball? i couldn’t even remember the last time i woke up before six. well, maybe yesterday, but i had to review for my 8am exam. my point is, i am a nocturnal person and i haven’t been up before six for more than 5 times in the entire year. of course, not sleeping throughout the night and actually being up at 6 does not count. there- enough raving, i’m going to bed now. i hope my alarm clock is loud enough to wake me up. wish me luck.


January 7, 2007

here comes another year..

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after two weeks of pigging out, watching dvd’s, reading books and basically being a sloth, i’m finally back to school! surprisingly, i feel excited about it. i guess i was so used to the pressure of being in school that my body actually longs for it.

so school officially starts tomorrow and what better way to start the year but to have two exams?! yeah, two exams on the first fucking week! so much about loving being back o school. ugh.

November 8, 2006


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i’m not dead. i’m just taking a little time off. i realized that life is so much better living than documenting. nah, i’m just too lazy to write anything. anyhow, i hope to post a real entry soon.


September 13, 2006

mental orgasm

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as promised, this entry is about this guy i met on the bus. but it has been days (weeks?) and so i already forgot the details. so here’s just a rundown of what happened.

it was early in the afternoon and the bus was barely occupied. i chose a seat at the back so no annoying person would talk to me. i hate it when someone barges in, starts talking to you and you have to respond just to be polite and their stories just never end until you wish the bus could fly. so you see, i’m a very friendly person.

while i was basking on my seat reading a book- metamorphosis and other stories by Franz Kafka, a guy hopped in and sat across the isle. he was maybe a couple of years older and i assumed a college guy. he gave the impression that he reads a lot a books with his glasses and well, a thick hard-bound book on his right hand. i was trying to be oblivious of him until he started chatting me up. on normal days, my reaction would be a once over and don’t-you-have-anything-better-to-do-than-bother-me look. but I guess all the home cooked meals made me a little affable so i smiled at him. that seemed to encouraged him so he continued yakking up about kafka. now i don’t know much about Kafka, i brought the book more to intimidate people than for it’s entertainment value. so i just listened and came up with big words like magic realism and existentialism (thank god i still remember that from high school!) and that seemed to make him happy.

it was a relatively short trip-less than an hour, and by the time i had to get off the bus i was a bit sad. strangely, i enjoyed our little conversation. never mind that i didn’t get his name much more his number. i still can’t believe that he knows all these existentialism stuff but he totally forgot to ask for my name.

but hey whoever you are, i might not remember your face anymore but i will remember that day on the bus whenever i read Kafka. you should realize that you are conferred with a great honor. you are now with the same league as Tom Jones whom i fondly remember whenever i read Dostoevsky. his voice still rings on my ears while he wails sexbomb-lovely song.

September 4, 2006


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Pardon my inactivity these past few days. I’ve been to my parents’ house for a much needed RnR. Nothing can soothe better than home-cooked meals and knowing that someone else is washing the dishes afterwards. I’ll post a real entry tomorrow- about this guy I met on the bus on my way back (wink, wink).

I have to get back on my paper now(darn, ergonomics!). And I still have to offer my adulation and songs of praise to the guy who made the ctrl-c and ctrl-v commands. Plagiarism my ass.

August 31, 2006

height of commercialism

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There is no action figure more deserving of a deluxe edition than the Son of God. This 5-1/4″ tall, hard vinyl figure comes with eight amazing plastic accessories: five loaves of bread, two fish and a jug for turning water into wine (not guaranteed to work for real). Also features “glow-in-the-dark miracle hands”!jesus


*what cracked me up was the ‘not guaranteed to work for real’ part. but i guess you got to have a keen sense of the absurd to appreciate this. hah, life is so much interesting with stuff like this.


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My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

i know it doesn’t mean anything but so you know, i’m a recovering show-off, so bear with me.

August 30, 2006

lull time

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i can finally get some decent sleep, woothoo! all my exams are finished (except for a minor and easy one on tuesday) and my sanity is still intact, well, barely. my economics exam went well and without a glitch- i had the highest score in our class and among the top ten in the batch, ahem, ahem. the dreaded stat quality control exam was a different matter however. let’s just say that everyone i saw leaving the examination room was either scratching his head or exclaiming never-heard of expletives. i was doing both.

but enough of that already. now my topmost priority is how to expunge all traces of caffeine i ingested- i drank enough coffee to last me a year. three days without any shut-eye and i still can write this entry. so don’t blame me if i am not making any sense because i’m not supposed to.

mental note, i have to thank my parents for their wonderful genes. i do look like a raccoon but at least i don’t have any pouch under my eyes. black undereyes are so much better than baggy ones. one drawback though, i can’t wear black unless i want people to suspect i’m a drug addict. or a reaper-wielding maniac.

enough blabbing. gonna get some sleep now. lull time.

August 28, 2006

chinese bananas

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i was seating idly in the library, waiting for the snooty librarian to release my book when i decided to open the book left by this guy who was seating next to me. it turned out to be the Guinness Book of Records for 2002. i know, it’s weird that our library has this kind of book when it is supposedly an engineering library. well, i didn’t mind, especially when i came across this entry.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Turns out, it was made by this Chinese jeweller (these people, they are unfuckingbelievable!) in Hong Kong out of 24-carat gold and precious jewels. it costs around $3.5 M to make and you have to shell out $200 to use it. Now, why would some person shell out that much money to poo?

These people and their fucking ideas, they make me look lame.. i wonder though if crapping feels the same. lemme look at my savings account. Hmm..

** i snatched this one fom my old blog. i shouldn’t even be surfing the net because of all my exams but all work and no play can make me a dull girl, right? (i’m such a sloth, i know!) besides, i find it hard to write lately, maybe because of all the numbers and equations that i look at these past few days. you wouldn’t wanna read a blog about statistical quality control, would you? so here, just bear with my recycled blogs. interesting days are coming my friend. just wait til i see my exam results, i’ll really start raving then.

August 24, 2006

The Rule of Diminishing Students

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Economics class: I’m a few minutes late but everything is peachy because I had a doughnut for breakfast. It doesn’t matter if it is raining and the sky is a gloomy gray. Even the fact that I cannot catch up with the lesson couldn’t change my mood. It is a large class, around 300 students, if I can remember correctly. The first day of lecture, they had to bring in additional chairs to accommodate the students. It was like the premiere of a big movie. I didn’t expect economics to be such a popular subject among students. Or maybe, like in my case, economics is a very popular subject among administrative people that they require a hell lot of students to take it. Of course, I wouldn’t argue with its significance but it’s not exactly the most entertaining subject in the world either. Now that it’s halfway along the semester, the auditorium is only half full. I refer to this phenomenon as the ‘law of diminishing students’ (I feel so scholarly, all of a sudden). It means that there is only so much economics class you can attend before going into a stupor. The number of students attending the class is inversely proportional to the number of meetings that has passed. It is especially rampant in subjects that require excessive will power to stay awake. Other subjects include accounting, statistics, environmental science, etc.

“The per capita percentage of the Philippines is 0.2…”, says my professor. Wow, we are really screwed up. So that’s why doughnuts cost so much.

In a totally unrelated topic, midterms is already knocking on my door. Three major exams are coming up next week. I should force myself into studying early otherwise I would surely spend several nights (and days!) ingesting countless cups of coffee and trying to pile up all the lessons in my emaciated mind. Pasty skin, breakouts, dark under eyes, and weight loss – things don’t look well. If I lose any more weight, I might scare kids off. They might see me as a reaper-wielding maniac or I might cause my mother a heart attack- both instances don’t look appealing. So resolution for the day- study early! (Yeah, right.)

“It’s the awesome power of mathematics…” Sure thing sir! I couldn’t agree more. Blecch.

**i got this tattoo from our school fair a year ago. and don’t worry, it’s just henna. my friend actually did it for me. it doesn’t resemble anything but i thought it was cool. now, what does it have to do with what i said above? beats me.

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