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February 18, 2007


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at one point in our lives, we are placed in a situation which fully defines our being. a moment when all our hardships and sacrifices blur in the background and we are forced to make a decision which ultimately changes the course of our existence.

in a few days, i will be facing a similar situation– our basketball championship game. yes my friend, it is an exceptional event that warrants such heartfelt and profound introduction. even more so than say, meeting panic! at the disco in person. ok, that’s probably stretching it out a bit. but seriously, i can’t freakin’ wait. i hope everything goes freakin’ well. ganbatte!


February 11, 2007

just a little update

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well, i’ve been swamped by schoolwork and sloth so i haven’t updated my blog lately. since i’m feeling a little guilty, here’s a quick update.

i’m officially a member of the univesity of the philippines  college of engineering women’s basketball team. yay! i’m more of a second stringer but hell, who cares? i’m playing basketball twice a week and we have these really cute uniforms.  kakkoii! 😀

we have a short (two-hour) practice tomorrow after class and the cross-over semis will start on wednesday. we’ll be up against the college of science team. it’ll be a knockout match so it’ll be surely exciting. can’t wait! ganbatte!

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