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January 9, 2007

hard ball

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start of the year usually signals the start of intrams for our school. my college, made up of the beautiful and need i say smart people of the college of engineering, is currently in the process of forming a team for every event including women’s basketball. the thing is i wanna join except for one major setback– tryouts start at 6 in the morning. six-freaking-the-sun-hasn’t-come-out-yet-morning. now, i’m all for college spirit but what kind of person in her right frame of mind would wake up at 6am just to play basketball? i couldn’t even remember the last time i woke up before six. well, maybe yesterday, but i had to review for my 8am exam. my point is, i am a nocturnal person and i haven’t been up before six for more than 5 times in the entire year. of course, not sleeping throughout the night and actually being up at 6 does not count. there- enough raving, i’m going to bed now. i hope my alarm clock is loud enough to wake me up. wish me luck.


January 7, 2007

here comes another year..

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after two weeks of pigging out, watching dvd’s, reading books and basically being a sloth, i’m finally back to school! surprisingly, i feel excited about it. i guess i was so used to the pressure of being in school that my body actually longs for it.

so school officially starts tomorrow and what better way to start the year but to have two exams?! yeah, two exams on the first fucking week! so much about loving being back o school. ugh.

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