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September 13, 2006

mental orgasm

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as promised, this entry is about this guy i met on the bus. but it has been days (weeks?) and so i already forgot the details. so here’s just a rundown of what happened.

it was early in the afternoon and the bus was barely occupied. i chose a seat at the back so no annoying person would talk to me. i hate it when someone barges in, starts talking to you and you have to respond just to be polite and their stories just never end until you wish the bus could fly. so you see, i’m a very friendly person.

while i was basking on my seat reading a book- metamorphosis and other stories by Franz Kafka, a guy hopped in and sat across the isle. he was maybe a couple of years older and i assumed a college guy. he gave the impression that he reads a lot a books with his glasses and well, a thick hard-bound book on his right hand. i was trying to be oblivious of him until he started chatting me up. on normal days, my reaction would be a once over and don’t-you-have-anything-better-to-do-than-bother-me look. but I guess all the home cooked meals made me a little affable so i smiled at him. that seemed to encouraged him so he continued yakking up about kafka. now i don’t know much about Kafka, i brought the book more to intimidate people than for it’s entertainment value. so i just listened and came up with big words like magic realism and existentialism (thank god i still remember that from high school!) and that seemed to make him happy.

it was a relatively short trip-less than an hour, and by the time i had to get off the bus i was a bit sad. strangely, i enjoyed our little conversation. never mind that i didn’t get his name much more his number. i still can’t believe that he knows all these existentialism stuff but he totally forgot to ask for my name.

but hey whoever you are, i might not remember your face anymore but i will remember that day on the bus whenever i read Kafka. you should realize that you are conferred with a great honor. you are now with the same league as Tom Jones whom i fondly remember whenever i read Dostoevsky. his voice still rings on my ears while he wails sexbomb-lovely song.


September 4, 2006


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Pardon my inactivity these past few days. I’ve been to my parents’ house for a much needed RnR. Nothing can soothe better than home-cooked meals and knowing that someone else is washing the dishes afterwards. I’ll post a real entry tomorrow- about this guy I met on the bus on my way back (wink, wink).

I have to get back on my paper now(darn, ergonomics!). And I still have to offer my adulation and songs of praise to the guy who made the ctrl-c and ctrl-v commands. Plagiarism my ass.

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