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August 28, 2006

chinese bananas

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i was seating idly in the library, waiting for the snooty librarian to release my book when i decided to open the book left by this guy who was seating next to me. it turned out to be the Guinness Book of Records for 2002. i know, it’s weird that our library has this kind of book when it is supposedly an engineering library. well, i didn’t mind, especially when i came across this entry.

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Turns out, it was made by this Chinese jeweller (these people, they are unfuckingbelievable!) in Hong Kong out of 24-carat gold and precious jewels. it costs around $3.5 M to make and you have to shell out $200 to use it. Now, why would some person shell out that much money to poo?

These people and their fucking ideas, they make me look lame.. i wonder though if crapping feels the same. lemme look at my savings account. Hmm..

** i snatched this one fom my old blog. i shouldn’t even be surfing the net because of all my exams but all work and no play can make me a dull girl, right? (i’m such a sloth, i know!) besides, i find it hard to write lately, maybe because of all the numbers and equations that i look at these past few days. you wouldn’t wanna read a blog about statistical quality control, would you? so here, just bear with my recycled blogs. interesting days are coming my friend. just wait til i see my exam results, i’ll really start raving then.



  1. Even though it’s made of gold it looks kind of scuzzy. Not worth $200 a go, that’s for sure. I’d cough up maybe…like…ten bucks to use a pure gold toilet. Just to say I had. Beyond that, no way.

    Comment by Solus — August 30, 2006 @ 6:04 pm

  2. lodine


    Trackback by lodine — February 3, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

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